Bolinha Brasil. Now everywhere available in the Netherlands

Delicious Brazilian croquettes, traditionally prepared according to an authentic recipe that dates back generations!
Now for sale at the Hanos on 4 locations.

Now available at the Hanos nationwide

Authentic recipe

A Brazilian croquette, that is the best way to describe a Bolinha. This traditional delicacy is part of Brazilian culture. Brazilians of all ages enjoy these at parties, as a snack on the street or at home. It’s a delicious and honest product made without any artificial colorings and flavorings.

Prepared with passion
Without dyes or flavorings
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Bolinha Vegan Jackfruit

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Bolinha Vegan Minced Meat

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About Bolinha Brasil

Brazil is incredibly rich in exuberant nature, culture and delicacies. Now it’s time for the world to experience this new delicacy. Bolinha Brasil ensures that this traditional Brazilian snack, the Bolinha, is for sale in the Netherlands and beyond. Bolinha literally means ‘small ball’. The Bolinha combines Brazilian flavors, fun and happiness. But how did it all start?

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