Authentic recipe

Bolinha is the most popular snack in Brazil. It has everything: fun, happiness and authentic Brazilian flavors wrapped in a crunchy exterior.

A traditional delicacy

A Brazilian croquette, that is the best way to describe a Bolinha. One of these versions is the Bolinha Chicken. Also known as the coxinha. This traditional delicacy is part of Brazilian culture. Brazilians of all ages enjoy these at parties, as a snack on the street or at home. It’s a tasty and honest product made without any artificial food colorings and flavorings.

Discover your favorite flavor

Bolinha Spicy Chicken

Bolinha Veggie Cheese Oregano

Bolinha Jackfruit

Bolinha Vegan Jackfruit

Vegan gehackt

Bolinha Vegan Minced Meat

Preparation method

  • Heat the pan with frying fat or the (sunflower) oil to 170 degrees.
  • Fry the Bolinhas +/- 2 minutes until crispy and brown.
  • Serve right away, it’s Uma Beleza!


Fry the Bolinhas until crispy and brown