About Bolinha Brasil

The Bolinha is Brazil's most popular snack. It has everything. Fun, happiness and authentic Brazilian flavors wrapped in a crunchy exterior.

About Bolinha Brasil

Love has no boundaries, which is why the creator of Bolinha Brasil ® followed her heart in 2005 and traveled from Brazil to the Netherlands for love. She brought not only her traditions, music and dance, but also various delicacies. One of those delicacies is the Bolinha, a Brazilian croquette, traditionally prepared according to a family recipe. Striking and instantly recognizable by its characteristic teardrop shape and pointy tip.

Bolinha literally means ‘small ball’. Brazilian flavors, fun and happiness all come together here. Bolinha Brasil ® wants to introduce the world to this (still) unknown unique and delicious snack!

Authentic recipe
Love has no boundaries

Discover Brazil through our snacks

Did you know that the Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world? That the Amazon is the largest river in the world? And that Indigenous people live in the Amazon? That Brazil was a Portuguese colony from 1500 to 1815?

And that Capoeira, the traditional martial art, was originated during slavery? Two people, surrounded by musicians, play a dance-like game that revolves around gracious movements, speed and creativity.

Discover Brazil a little bit better through our packaging, website and events.

We support good causes

Part of the proceeds from the sales of Bolinha Brasil® is used to fund various projects in Brazil.

When you purchase our products, you get much more than a taste of Brazil; you are also helping people in need in Brazil.

Obrigado por sua compra! (= Thank you for your purchase!)

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Obrigado por sua compra!